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POP SECRET – "Get the Secret"

"Get the Secret" was a spec-commercial competition submission for Current TV and Pop Secret. This one minute spot traces the "Secret" to good tasting pop corn all the way back to the 1940's.

This commercial was completed with a cast and crew of four and a budget of two hundred dollars.

Writer/Director/Producer/DP/Editor- Chad Rock
Assistant Director- Lova Yazdani
Camera Operator/Mics- Paul Bermelee
Secret Agent- Mathew Jacobi
Villain- Chad Rock
Stunt Driver- Paul Bermelee

Total Running Time: 0:45

Director Portfolio:

Burning Man 2006 Keep Away 48hr KCRA Report 48hr Pop Secret Avid Adrenaline Dirty West Promo In the Studio  

Cinematographer Portfolio:

Burning Man 2006 Pop Secret Stunt Pilot Avid Adrenaline Bus Pirate Rap Care Flight Speed Trap Gangster Wash
Dog Attack Molestor Caught New Snow Dirty West Promo        

Editor Portfolio:

Oscars 2008 Interstitials Emmy Nomination Pirate Bus Rap Pop Secret Avid Adrenaline Care Flight Martha Stewart
Stunt Pilot Dog Attack Speed Trap Gangster Wash Burning Man 2006 Molestor Caught New Snow Dirty West Promo

Producer Portfolio:

Burning Man 2006 Emmy Nomination Pop Secret Avid Adrenaline Interstitials Care Flight Dirty West Promo In the Studio

Writer Portfolio:

Burning Man 2006 Care Flight Avid Adrenaline Pop Secret Interstitials Emmy Nomination Keep Away 48hr In the Studio